Why HTML5 ?

HTML5 is an improved markup language that is used for presenting web content seamlessly and more attractively in World Wide Web. The feature that makes it more advanced and different from its predecessor HTML4 is the ability to support an array of multimedia contents without resorting to third-party plug-ins and APIs.

HTML5 has been built, keeping in mind the fast changing browsing habits of the internet users, who access the net through mobile phones and tablets. HTML5 is written in either HTML or XHTML syntax that allows it to work with cross-platform mobile applications. HTML5 says bye-bye to third party plug-ins and APIs as it comes with inbuilt elements that play <video> and <audio>. <canvas>, a new element added to HTML5, comes as a blessing for designers as they can now create dynamic scriptable 3D shapes and bitmap images using this feature.

motionKandy is very particular in staying ahead with the ever changing world of technology. By adopting HTML5, we offer our clients a next generation experience that fulfils their innovative thoughts.

Browsers that support HTML5

Microsoft : IE9 is the latest version of Microsoft's web browser Internet Explorer. This is the only version of Explorer that supports HTML5. The browser requires additional plug-ins to play videos of some format. To download the latest version of IE9 Click Here.

Apple : Safari is a browser from Apple that pioneered in introducing the HTML5 feature as early as in 2010 with the launch of its safari 5 browser. It included features such as full screen videos and closed captions. The latest version has much more to offer. To download the latest version of Safari Click Here.

Google : Chrome is a browser from Google that comes with minimal design and better speed. Google scored 447 out of 500 for HTML5 test and stands as the best HTML5 compatible browser ever. To Download latest version of Chrome Click Here.

Mozilla : Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser, that is inching close to the performance of Chrome when it comes to HTML5. Mozilla is the second most downloaded browser on the internet. To downloaded the latest version of Mozilla Firefox Click Here.